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Coronavirus: Information for travellers

Important information for passengers

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, there are currently far-reaching restrictions on air traffic. Dortmund Airport is also affected by these circumstances.

On this page you will find important information on the situation at Dortmund Airport - the links compiled here will take you to further information and tips.

Current flight operations


Quarantine on entry into Germany
A quarantine recommendation is issued for entries after a stay of several days in an EU member state, a Schengen associated state or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, if the respective state has a high number of newly infected persons in relation to the population (more than 50 cases per 100 000 inhabitants cumulatively in the last seven days) according to the statistical evaluations and publications of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). 

Further information: www.rki.de

From Dortmund, no risk areas are currently targeted. The competent authorities currently do not recommend entry screenings, so there are no corresponding controls in Dortmund.

Temporary Restrictions
Germany has introduced travel restrictions for entries from outside the Schengen area on March 17, 2020. All corresponding entries from non-EU-citizens and citizens of non-Schengen states by plane or ship will be affected. In addition, temporary borders controls have been introduced between Germany and France, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Denmark from Monday, March 16th, 8:00 a.m. Travelers on any non-essential travels may be refused entry.

Please visit following website for more information: www.auswaertiges-amt.de/en

Many countries are currently introducing entry restrictions. We therefore asks all passengers to urgently check the current travel and entry restrictions of their destination. We also recommend that you check the status of your flight with your airline or tour operator.

Up-to-date information on the status of your flight can also be found on the following pages:

Arrivals / Przyloty
Departures / Odloty

Current regulations for hand luggage

In order to reduce the risk of infection between all persons in passenger and hand baggage control, currently only 1 piece of hand luggage per passenger is accepted!

Rules of conduct in the terminal

In order to protect yourself and others from infection and not to spread pathogens, it is recommended above all to observe a few hygiene measures. Especially the distance of 1.50 meters between each other should always be kept. Appropriate floor markings and barrier tape are therefore installed at the information stand, check-in counters and security checks.

Keep Distance

Flughafen dortmund corona abstand

Always keep a sufficient distance of about 1.50 metres from other passengers and our staff.

Masking Obligation

Flughafen dortmund corona maske

You are obliged to wear a mouth and nose cover in the terminal.

Physical Contact

Flughafen dortmund corona kontakt

Avoid physical contact with others - for example, do not shake hands.

Hand Washing

Flughafen dortmund corona waschen

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water on a regular basis and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth (hand hygiene).

The following points are also important:

  • use disposable tissues when sneezing and coughing and dispose of them in a waste bin after use
  • if no handkerchief is handy: hold the crook of your arm in front of your mouth and nose
  • Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth
  • touch as few areas in public space as possible

Differing terminal opening hours
The terminal is open daily from 07:00 am to 19:00 pm (and as required).

Visitor terrace
The visitor terrace at Dortmund Airport is currently closed.

The catering establishments Coffee Fellows, Take Away, East Bar, West Bar and Bella Vista will be closed from the coming weekend. The Duty Free Shop will also be closed from 18.03.2020.

Travel agencies
The majority of travel agencies in the terminal at Dortmund Airport are closed, but can still be reached by telephone or e-mail. The contact details of the offices can be found on the page Travel Agencies at the Airport.

Bus connection
The connection with the AirportExpress (between Dortmund Central Station and Dortmund Airport) will be temporarily stopped from Monday, 23.03.2020.

The bus line 490, as well as the AirportShuttle (Bf. Holzwickede - Dortmund Airport) are still in operation.

Parking spaces/parking garages
The car parks and multi-storey car parks at Dortmund Airport are in regular operation. Entry and exit is possible at any time.

Taxis are usually available for use at the terminal on the arrivals level (level 0). If no taxi is available, a car can be requested by calling 0231/144444.

Rental car
The contact details of car rental companies at Dortmund Airport can be found on the airport's website - the opening hours of the providers may differ from the regular service hours.

Due to the special situation, we offer our customers the possibility to cancel bookings that cannot be cancelled. Online shop customers will receive a voucher in the amount of the payment already made. This applies initially to bookings with an entry date prior to 14.06.2020.

All vouchers will be valid up to and including 31.12.2021 and can be used to re-book a parking space via the Dortmund Airport online shop.

Please send an e-mail (quoting your booking reference) to int-parken@dortmund-airport.de to request the voucher. Please understand that the processing may take some time. We will answer all mailings!

In addition, you will find answers to many questions on the "Frequently Asked Questions" page.

You can easily change your existing parking space booking in the service area of the online parking shop. Please have your booking number at hand!

Well prepared
Dortmund Airport is in close contact with the health department of the city of Dortmund and the other authorities. Like all German airports, it is well prepared to deal with suspected Coronavirus cases with preventive measures and emergency plans. There is no direct air traffic between Dortmund and the main outbreak areas.

Detour in the event of a suspected case on board
Should there be a suspected case on board a passenger aircraft, it would not land in Dortmund, but would be redirected to one of the 5 German airports (Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin) that are provided and equipped for this in accordance with international health regulations.

If you are concerned that you have been infected with the new type of Coronavirus and are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath, we do not recommend commencing the planned trip. Keep calm and follow the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute.